The Odyssey & Bead Expressions The Odyssey & Bead Expressions
The Odyssey & Bead Expressions

Class DescriptionsBasic Earrings

Silver Jewelry Construction - Teacher: Marti Brown
Create rings, earrings, necklaces or other pieces of jewelry using silver sheet and wire. Learn bezel setting of cabochon stones. Emphasis will be on learning soldering, sawing, polishing and other traditional jewelry making techniques.

Precious Metal Clay - Explore the possibilities of Precious Metal Clay. Create jewelry or small sculpture by working with fingers and simple tools that you can find, make yourself or purchase. Fire the pieces in the kiln and watch them come out fine silver.

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Precious Metal Clay
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Wire Jewelry
(Intro to Wire Jewelry)

Basic Earrings - A quick course in the basics of making earrings. This is a hands on opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of jeweler's tools.

Intro to Wire Jewelry Techniques - Learn how to make the "hangman's noose" in wire, clasps, bead cages, coils and spirals. Ideas for bringing it all together into wearable jewelry will also be explored. Projects will start with earrings and progress to necklaces and bracelets.

Double Spiral Bracelet Double Spiral Bracelet
- Using pliers and wire cutter make this elegant bead and wire bracelet. Customize it to your taste by choosing the beads and colors you like.

Wireworking Advanced Techniques - Bezel setting cabs in wire and other more advanced techniques take basic wire a little further.

Dutch Spiral Bracelet
- This special stitch creates an elegant special occasion bracelet. Vary the color or bead sizes for fun.

Peyote Window Bracelet - Peyote tubes and 4 mm fire polished beads make a beaded bead that assembles on three strands to make a classic bracelet. Designed by Rae Ann Wojahn. An intermediate class. Peyote Window Bracelet

Basic Right Angle Weave - Right angle weave creates many great looking pieces. This class is suitable for beginners.

Spring Fling Bracelet
- Get ready for Spring with this easy to do beginner bracelet. It teaches basic bead stringing and embellishment while creating a lively active bracelet.

Crochet Rope Bracelet - Load on all the beads and then crochet away. Make it a bracelet or even a necklace. Changing the types of bead makes if casual or elegant.funky chunky

Funky Chunky Peyote Bracelet - Make this contemporary bracelet using a modified version of the classic peyote stitch and chunky hex beads. This project can be completed in class.

Netted Bracelet - Use the netting stitch to make a base then use freshwater pearls and other beads to embellish.

Niobium Jewelry Design
- Marti will show you how to create your own niobium jewelry using wire and sheet. No soldering is necessary although you will saw, file, and use the buffing motor. Earrings or necklace are all possible.

Classes should be scheduled and paid for at least a week ahead of first class date. Class size is limited to 5 students each session.
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